Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Date Night!

Each month our church does a datenight. They watch your children for 3 hours for only $5 a child with a max of $10. It is such a blessing that they do this. I am very thankful! This night we dropped off all the little ones & headed to our house.
Not sure what the guys are doing.
 Shannon & I playing some washers :)
 We threw the football around, played washers, & ate a lot!!
 The girls:
Jacque, Jana, Amanda, Jessica, Becky, Aimee, & Shannon.
 The crazy guys!
Beau, Tim, Cully, Aaron, Lawson, Chad, & Jason.
What a great night & what a great group of friends!!!!



  1. We don't have kiddos, but let us know next time...we would love to hang out!