Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Date Night!

Each month our church does a datenight. They watch your children for 3 hours for only $5 a child with a max of $10. It is such a blessing that they do this. I am very thankful! This night we dropped off all the little ones & headed to our house.
Not sure what the guys are doing.
 Shannon & I playing some washers :)
 We threw the football around, played washers, & ate a lot!!
 The girls:
Jacque, Jana, Amanda, Jessica, Becky, Aimee, & Shannon.
 The crazy guys!
Beau, Tim, Cully, Aaron, Lawson, Chad, & Jason.
What a great night & what a great group of friends!!!!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun at the fair 2011!

Piper could not wait to get to the fair this year. We took her on Thursday & she had a blast!
 She was such a big girl!
 Drew, Gavin, & Piper riding the car. Gavin LOVES Piper! I mean LOVES her!
 Mr. Kale! He was running around like a wild man :)
 Sweet, little crazy drivers!
This was Piper's absolute favorite! Can't tell you how many times she rode it! I was a little nervous but as soon as she got off she wanted to ride again.
 Love it!
 So sweet! Gavin & Piper going down the big slide.
 Me & Gavin's grandma said we may have to use these pictures for a slideshow one day :)
 Our annual picture of Piper & daddy & the tractor. Love!
Had lots of fun with our friends. Piper was so big & rode the rides over & over! What a blessing!!
Fair 2009!
Fair 2010!


Pizza & movie night at the Ames'

It was SO nice to just relax & watch movies Saturday night. It seems we stay so busy now. Couldn't imagine having more than 1 kid. I don't like the busy life. Unless it is organized of course. I don't like falling behind my schedule :) 
Beau playing with Piper getting attacked by Piper.
 Picnic in the floor! O ya!
 It was a great movie night. I watched Soul Surfer on my way to Africa this summer. I kept telling Beau he HAD to watch it. I cried again! It is very emotional being a mom & putting yourself in the situation.  I am sure Beau appreciated the commentary aka me telling him all the details because I had read the book. This girls faith is AMAZING! She made sure they did the movie how she wanted it. She told them the 2 most important things were 1. she wanted it to be about Jesus & 2. she wanted good surfing.
Another great movie. WOW! This one will make you cry to. It breaks your heart seeing the miserable life that this man lived b/c he had no forgiveness. Great ending to a great story. A must see! Get your tissue!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tight rope walker

The Yo Gabba Gabba's are walking a tight rope with the help from Piper.
 Now It's Piper Ames' turn.
 Even more difficult. Balancing a ball on a spoon. Nice work Piper!
Don't know where she got this from but LOVE her imagination!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is what the Ames' have been up to, lately........
I have been watching lots of kids. They keep my busy, we have fun, & I sleep like a baby at night :)
 Beau was working in the yard one day & Piper got right out there with him & helped.
 She didn't quit either. She helped until he was done.
 Saturday we got up at 5 & had a yard sale. (ARG)
 Piper enjoyed some donuts.
 Beau works so hard. He is always trying to think of ways to make money so he can take care of his girls. This night he was working at the church. Piper & I suprised him. He took a little time and played some foozball with P.
 Going to our wonderful church that we LOVE! And spending time with these 2 amazing people!
Piper Annabeth has started dance again! She is in tap/ballet & absolutley loves it!
 She is the smallest & probably youngest in there & she has been AMAZING!!!
We are SO proud!!!
 Saw a deal like this at Michaels & came home & made one. Ready to get my fall stuff out!!
 Trying to let baby girl play in the water as much as she can before summer is over. Which doesn't seem like that can come soon enough!!
 Our deck caved in on us.....NICE! Thankfully we have someone who is going to help us fix it.
We're watching our baby girl grow up....WAY TOO FAST!

 And I still can't quit thinking about this place!!!!!

I have to say I have been pretty busy but I am most definatley BLESSED!!! This is what we have been up to LATELY.....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lifegroup at the Natural's game

Saturday night was Faith & Family night at the Natural's game. Our lifegroup got together & went.
Here are the guys.
Our group
We got to see Addison Road. It was awesome!
Watching the concert.
Aaron, Beau, & Cully got to go on the field & play Minute to Win it. Cully won! Beau came in 2nd, & Aaron in 3rd. This was fun!
Cully got it in his mouth in like 3 seconds. Aaron tried to throw his up & catch it with his mouth. Beau still had his on his head :)
The game got rained out but the Natural's came back & it was 6-3. We went to Braums for icecream then the cool ones who rode the van came back & watched the fireworks. It was really good!