Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend of the 4th

We have had an awesome weekend!
Piper & Landon, ready to swim!
 Love her!

 Sunday before church :)
 My sweet family
 This was a fun day! Church, swimming, good food, & fireworks!
"here, let me show ya'll how to do it" HA!
 The kids loved the slip-n-slide!


 Mimi got hot!

 Then we did some fireworks during the day. We did smoke bombs, snakes, & the poppers. They had fun with this!
 We need a snack! Ha! Don't mess with these kids!
 The grillmaster mades some AWESOME hamburgers & hotdogs.
 Our 4th of July celebration meal :)

 Let's not forget that homemade icecream!!! YUMMY!!!!

 Piper LOVES to make funny faces into the camera!! HA!


 I have to say that my Piper still does not like the loud fireworks. This was about all she took this night. She went inside & watched tv. She was perfectly fine with that too.

This was a fun family day! I have to say this has been an amazing summer!!!

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