Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy to be home. BUT.......

I remember as we landed back in the USA thinking how great our country really was......
There are some things I looked forward to..

-brushing my teeth with water out of the fosset & not a bottled water.
-taking a shower & not having to worry about drinking the water.
-the smell is HORRIBLE in Ethiopia! So much smog & you just felt like you were breathing in fumes that were horrible for you. It didn't get easier either.
-not sharing a bathroom with 20 other girls. I loved them but it sure was hard sharing one bathroom with that many of them.
-not having to sanitize over & over.
-a cold drink! They don't ice anything over there or hardly refrigerate them.
-American food. I hardly ate while I was there. I prayed I would be thankful for whatever food I got b/c I knew we were spoiled here in America. I tried most of it but for the most part I just wasn't hungry. I was ready for a cheeseburger & chips & salsa.
-they seem to always be late in Africa. They are so laid back on their time. Everything would be "15 minutes". That could mean up to 2 to 5 hours. I know it's not a bad thing. Maybe us Americans should be more laid back & not have to worry about time so much. But, for a girl who always has to be was a little hard.
-produce! I could not wait to eat some bananas & strawberries & any kind of produce!
I had a great time but I left a piece of Ethiopia in my heart..
I will miss.....
-Seeing the neighbor kids everyday.
-the people on our team. We made some lifelong friendships. They were amazing!
-helping those in need. There is such a need out there & so much still needs to be done.
-getting loved on by the children. They have a lot of love to give!
-Ambo. It was a yummy drink.
-Beza church. The church we went to was AMAZING!
-Just being in AFRICA. I loved it. I loved what we did there. I will miss it so much.

One thing I want to remember is the way they drive over there. It was CRAZY! There weren't stop signs or red lights. They would just go & the other person would stop. They would honk when they got over to warn the other person. There was no structure in it & it made me a nervous wreck. I don't know how many times they would come close to hitting someone & we wouldn't. I would jump everytime.

_Honestly, I am ready to go back. I want to do so much. The Lord has put somethings on my heart & I am excited.

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