Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beau & Piper

Piper my princess, I can't tell you how much I love you! You are the sweetest little girl.
I love EVERYTHING about you!
I love how you love the little things. You love sweet things.
You think cute little bugs & flowers are cute.
You try so hard to sleep with us most nights. In the mornings after your daddy leaves for work I let you get in bed with me. We get lots of snuggling & lots of kisses. I love trying to sleep & feeling you kiss me or put your arm on me.
You have the sweetest heart.
 When you are hurt, you want no one but mommy. Sometimes you will say mommy can we pray for it. It melts my heart!
You love when your daddy takes you to target for an icee.
We eat snowcones & we always share.
I love your big smile & your sweet laugh!
I love you my little love bug!!!  You really are a princess!!!!!
My wonderful Beau!
I love your loving heart!
I love that your gift is encouragement.
I love the build of your body!
I love the freckles on your back & your big arms!
I love how you make me laugh.
 You make me so happy Beau!
You have showed me what a godly husband & father should be like.
I love that you love the Lord above all!
I love that you chose me & Piper before anyone else.
Thank you for being such a hard worker & getting things done.
You really take care of us.
 I am one blessed girl!
I have an amazing family that I wouldn't trade for anything!!!
You two are PERFECT!
Thank you Lord!!


  1. Y'all are a sweet sweet family! I hope you have a great trip Becky.. We will miss ya!!

  2. Thank you Cora! I will miss you all as well!! Be praying :)