Saturday, July 23, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 9

We got to go back to Korah today. We were all so glad to go back. I really wanted to find a child to sponsor....
 The first kid that asked me to sponsor them, I said yes. Here she is.....Samrawit who is 14 & absolutley precious!!
 Rachel is holding a little girl who has on one of P's old shirts. I just loved this!
 Holli & I found out we were going to sponsor siblings. :) That was SO neat! We found out they are both in the program & needed sponsored.

 Here is Samrawit's mother. She is absolutley adorable. She works in Korah making bead necklaces for a living. Her husband has a prosthetic leg & can't work. He stays home & takes care of the home.
 Here is there sweet family & sweet they are! We absolutley fell in love with them. This is their home. As you can see it is not much. We got to give them a few gifts & visit for a minute. They were so thankful for us. I am thankful for the Lord. I left an amharic bible with a note & a picture of my family for them. They were excited.
 Holli & I with the family.

 Then we tried to cram the 90% of us into the van & go by the trash dump where the guys were playing soccer. It didn't work out so well.
 More soccer.
 Then we went back to Korah where we helped out Project 61 with their feeding program. This was so neat.
 Brooklyn & Audrey serving food.

 Tucker & I serving water.
 At one point I remember running out of water. The kids ask for more & we would tell them they would have to wait for everyone else to get some. At one point I said "there is no more water." I remember Kristi saying "do you realize what you just said? Could you imagine us telling our kids there is no more water?" It hit me hard. I could not imagine telling my child there was no more water. I just couldn't imagine. My heart was completley broken!
 Me & Andy Bernard stopping to pose for a picture.
It was AMAZING getting to serve these kids. I am ready to go back so I can do it again.

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