Saturday, July 23, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 8

Hope Ethiopia
Went to another village where Hope Ethiopia is doing alot of good things. We drove atleast an hour then ended up driving another hour down a dirt road. We saw some beautiful land though. The people along the way would stop & stare at us. They seemed shocked to see people like us. They would stop what they were doing & stare.
 There was actually some pretty land here. This is what color the water was everywhere...
 We did some more crafts....
Elizabeth putting a bow in this little girls hair. They loved to be prettied up.
This was another place where flies would stick on the childrens faces. They had dried snot & were sorta a mess. We cleaned up as much as we could. They are so use to the flies they don't even try to move them.
 Bissy has such a sweet heart.
 More soccer. Kids everywhere we went loved playing soccer.
 Then we painted some more fingernais.
 I loved doing this. The kids would be so happy when you painted their fingers.

 Then we drove down to the Hope Ethiopia site & prepared to give out donations. We had things alot more organized & it seemed to help. There was one problem though. We forgot the bag of older kids clothes. It seems the older kids get forgotten alot so this was heartbreaking.

 Someone would grab a kid, bring them in the gate, & get them some new clothes & shoes.
Some of the mothers we gave malaria nets to.
 Look how adorable this one is in new clothes.
 Bissy decided we would go off to the side & line the bigger kids up who wouldn't get anything else & give them backpacks for school. Things quickly got out of hand & sadly we had to quit.
 Things got crazy outside the gate like they always do & they started breaking down the gate.
It was time to go. We had to walk through the crowd with our things. People still begging to have something. :(
You can see in this video that they are still so happy when we leave. They run beside the van & wave & smile.

 On the way down the dirt road we threw out the remaining clothes, shoes, candy, & malaria nets.
Andy throwing out candy. They would attack whatever you threw out. When we threw someone a malaria net though sometimes they wouldn't know what to think. We had one women kick it but when she realized what it was she picked it up. Then another women just walked right on past it.
Then we got to make one more stop at the restoration orphanage.
Loved playing ball with him. He was good!
 Have I mentioned how awesome our team was!! love them all!!
"Blessed is he who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble." Psalms 41:1

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  1. That last picture of Andy cracks me up. Love it!
    Hope you and your family have a great weekend.