Friday, July 22, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 7

We headed off North to another orphanage today. It was a couple of hours away & we ended up getting lost. Bissy called them & they decided they didn't want us to come. Something was a little shady there. We decided God wanted us somewhere else that day.
We stopped on the side of the road & handed out some of these childrens bibles. 
 Bissy was translating for me. This man was so excited to get this even though it was a childrens bible in Ahmaric.
 This was so awesome handing out bibles. Probably one of my favorite things about the whole trip. Seeing the joy in their faces recieving them was amazing.
 After we left we stopped again where this man was plowing. Hoptomu got out & did it. It was too funny. This is how they plow things in Africa. People were doing this all over. Talk about hard workers.
 This was at the top of the mountain. They were all lined up ready to recieve some new things.

 We had some goody bags for them.

 Kourtnie putting socks on this little sweetie.

On the way back down the mountain one of the vans stopped to help these women. These women carry these up & down the mountain 3 times a day on their backs. WOW! Some of the girls also gave them some of their shoes. They were so thankful!!
 We got back to the guesthouse & hung out with the neighbor kids. These were little twin boys & they were so smart. I talked to them for a long time.
 Christian & Texas. This little boy is a mess :)
 Able is quite funny!
 I went inside to eat & I told these boys I would come back after I was done. I had forgotten about it & looked outside the balcony & saw they were still there. I had to go visit with them some more. They are so sweet & I absolutley LOVED talking to them!
They wait for us alot. When we leave they are always there when we get back & they are there when we go to leave in the mornings.
 Here is why I tried to avoid meat while in Africa. I ate some but not much. Beef anyone???
This ended up being an awesome day & I love seeing how the Lord puts you right where He wants you right when He wants you there.
"But I am poor & needy; yet the Lord thinks upon me. You are my help & my deliverer; Do not delay, O my God." Psalms 40:17

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