Thursday, July 21, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 6

Sheep & Korah
This day we loaded up a bunch of sheep & took them to some families in korah. That is the trash dump area. Project 61 tries to help the children in Korah. They find them sponsors, teach them things & they have a feeding program to help feed them.  We got to help with that. The whole purpose of the sheep was to give some families about 5 sheep & let them expand them. That way they could spread the wealth.
 This is how we transported the sheep.
 Some of the girls reading & singing songs with some of the kids.
 LeAnn & I visited with these two for a while. We both got our hair braided. LeAnn is now sponsoring the girl on the left. She stuck to her like glue. Kids are always asking you to sponsor them at Korah. They come up & say sponsor???
 This little girl loved Clay. They were feeding eachother. This is China.
 It is a sign of affection to feed you in Africa. Ashley & I were helping & they kept wanting to feed us. If you know me, I do not like all.
We kept saying "no, it's for you."
They were persistant.
Here is Ash letting one of the kids feed her.
 Then I gave in....I have the weakest stomach & I almost threw up after this. It was quite humorous.
 I went with Brooklyn to feed this man who couldn't feed himself. She was such a trooper. She was pretty amazing. Then I had the easy job of giving him water.
 These little ones were SO cute! The one I was holding stuck to me both times we went to Korah. They were counting for us here.
 Ashley found a child to sponsor & he was SO sweet with her. He followed her around & carried her backpack for her.
Love Kristi. She has one of the sweetest hearts of anyone I know. The kids braided her hair.
 Last year one of Deborah's friends went on the trip & found her the famous Winker (Malucan) to sponsor. He got to hang out with us alot this year. He is on the video from last year. He is quite the charmer.
Winker, his mom, Deborah, & Kenya.
 We got to visit the hospital for people affected with leprosy. Look at this poor mans hands. He was so happy though & he loved having his picture taken. He makes these rugs.
 We watched the women spinning wool. It was pretty neat & they were good.
I did not find a child to sponsor this day but I was determined.

3 women who are making a HUGE difference in Ethiopia.
Sumer, Kelly, & Ashley
"Do not withhold Your tender mercies from me, O Lord; Let your lovingkindness & your truth continually preserve me." Psalms 40:11

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