Thursday, July 21, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 5

This is the day that really broke my heart....
We traveled 2 hours south to Woliso this day. They have malaria down here & I found out that 1 child dies every 45 seconds b/c of malaria.
Our team before we left. 
This was the girls room at the orphanage. These are malaria nets. This place really sadened me. There wasn't a sign of any toys, clothes or anything. It looked like they cleaned it up before we got there. We weren't real sure about the director either. He would take some of the donations from the kids. That is what these children live with.
 Hewitt came with us. She is such a joy! Kelly adopted her little brother a few years ago. She put this bow on Clay. She stayed with us most of the week. This girl has so much love & is filled with joy.
Some of us outside the building.
We witnessed the true Africa like you see on TV here. It was devastating. Flies that just stuck to their sweet faces, alot of bare bottoms, & the majority of them did not have shoes.
See how muddy it is. It is their rainy season & it rained everyday that we were there. Most of the time it just rained for a few minutes & it was over. I though the weather was pretty nice.
These kids just take care of the babies like it isn't a problem at all. It's just what they do.
These kids don't have much at all. It was worse than what was in Addis but it didn't keep them from smiling & being full of joy. They were very content.
This is what would happen if you broke out suckers or little gifts for the kids. You would get swarmed. They were watching for it. This happened to Deborah alot. :)
We did some crafts with them.
Made some bead bracelets.
Isn't this little girl just beautiful!

The little girl in the red below just stole my heart. She just loved on me, held my hand, & smiled the whole time. Everywhere I went she found me. I wanted to make sure that she got something but when we were leaving I couldn't find her & I am pretty sure she didn't get anything. As much as it broke my heart I bet she still had that big beautiful smile on her face though.
We tried to line up the moms to give them cloth diapers & food. Unfortunatley b/c of their lack of having things they get greedy. They hide what we have already given them & try & get more which leaves others without anything.
Things quickly get out of control b/c of the lack of structure. They are just not use to it. They fight for what they do have & that is how they are use to getting things. We try to organize things & make sure that everyone gets something but unfortunatley it gets crazy & alot go without.

Here is Ashley A. putting a pair of pants on a little girl. These pants use to be Piper's. It gave me so much joy seeing that little bare bottom wearing something that use to be Pipers.
They were a little big on her but isn't she adorable!?!?!
This child Tucker is holding is wearing one of Piper's old jackets.
Making bead bracelets.
Before things got really crazy & they started tearing down the gate I saw this little girl just getting things for her siblings. She stood their with a huge smile on her face & no shoes. She was happy that her siblings had some new things. We were about to leave & sat on a bench & the girls ran my shoes back over to her. They were getting worn out & it was nothing for me to give my shoes away but it was HUGE for her. Alot of us got to give shoes away on this trip & it meant so much.
I remember as we left how Ashley & I sat their shaken by what we had just witnessed. Most of the people there did not even get anything at all. That didn't keep them from running beside our van as we left with huge smiles on their faces yelling "thank you." I remember going to a restaraunt & thinking how could I possibly eat right now. We sat by Kelly & I remember her talking about how there will always be a need & if we can just help one child then it makes a huge difference. Just like her motto "Change the World for One."
This was right outside where we were eating. Monkeys were just running around. It was neat.
"Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known my name." Psalms 91:14

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