Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 4

This was sorta our free day...
We got to go to church in Ethiopia & it was amazing! They really get into their worship & I loved it. The preacher was amazing as well & had a great message!
Here is a part of our worhip. In Ahmaric.
Loved it!
Ashley & I at Beza Church.
The Market
We went to the market today. They had several little places where you could go & buy things. Beggers stood outside & tried to get you to give them money & buy things from them. You couldn't say yes to one b/c you would get swarmed by the rest. They were very persistant in asking too. They wouldn't take no for an answer.
Street Soccer
We went right around the corner so they guys could play soccer with some of the street kids. They told us to be careful b/c the kids will steal from you.
I was taking pictures for Clay. I had his camera strapped to my arm & I had his camera case in the pocket of my hoodie. I had my camera in my other pocket. I noticed I was getting surrounded by a group of kids. I turned to go back to the group & I realized they had taken Clay's camera case out of my pocket. I turned around & saw a boy with it in his hands. I went right back over & snatched out of his hands. I was mad at first then I was heartbroken b/c I realized he did not know any better. They steal & beg to survive. That is devastating.
We had a little time before dinner so we stopped at Khaldis'. It is just like starbucks.
These guys were a lot of fun.
Andy, Tucker, & Clay
LOVE these girls! Ashley H., Kim, me, Kelley W., & Ashley G.
Authentic Ethiopian Restaurant
Kelly wanted us to experience some real Ethiopian food with some of their culture. We went to a restaurant that had dancers & music. It was ALOT of fun!
Here is a video of the dancers. It was really neat.
At one point they got Kortnie on stage & did a marraige ceremony. She had no idea what was going on. It was great!
Here is a video of our crazy crew. Bissy & Maste are awesome. I love this video. :)
B/C we got there late we had to sit away from everyone else. This is one side of our group.
Ali, Kourt, Andy, Tucker, & Kim.
The other side
Maste, Kelley, Ashley H, me, Ashley G, & Clay
They went around & we washed our hands.
We all ate out of two plates. They like to share here. If you know me, you know I was not a fan of this. I wasn't a big fan of their food anyway. I would do it again though b/c the experience of it all was awesome!
This is Ethipian tradition. They eat popcorn & drink coffee everyday.

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