Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 3

We started off the morning by going to Yezelalem. The kids there were so loving & they love to have their picture taken. When you take their picture they want to look at it. They smile so big.

Injera anyone?? I am not a fan at all but Ethiopians LOVE it. It is their main dish.
We painted fingernails. They love it & they feel so pretty. Alot of them would only do one side b/c they didn't want it on their eating hand.
(Ashley A.)
(Lisa W.)
They love to be loved on!

They guys played soccer.
Then we went to the restoration orphanage. This little girl stuck to me like glue. I absolutley loved her!
She wore me out :)
This is our awesome group before we headed out.
I love everyone of these people! We had an amazing group!
Lifelong friendships were made for sure!
BON resturaunt
This night we laughed so much & really got to know eachother. Ashley & I got made fun of alot on this trip. The lights kept going out & I thought I was going to be taken. We also found out we were the only ones in the group who likes Big Brother. I lost a bet over it.
Another reason we laughed so much. Tucker breaking out the money sock. He was makin' it rain.

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