Monday, July 18, 2011

Africa 2011 with OH Day 2

It was a LONG 13 hours in the airplane. O my! I watched 3 movies, slept a couple hours, & read.
-The Sahara dessert outside the plane-
Ashley & I on the plane headed to Ethiopia.
Getting off the airplane onto African land.
 A few of us at the airport.
We had problems at the airport. We ended up waiting for the rest of the crew outside. It was hot! We sat out here for 5 hours.
We were supposed to go to an orphanage but didn't have time b/c of the airport situation. We got settled into the guesthouse where half of us women are sharing 1 bathroom. Then we ate dinner. I prayed about being thankful for the food. I knew it would be different & it was. We are so spoiled here in America. I don't want to complain.
Here are some of the guys playing soccer with the neighborhood kids.
We went to go make beads but ended up just buying some instead. The money goes to women with HIV or leprosy who can't find a job to make money. Also to women who use to be prostitutes or had to beg for money.
We came back & there have been all kinds of children outside the guesthouse playing. They are so sweet. They introduce themselves to you & are just precious.
This little girl was SO sweet!
The guy on the left is Mike. He told me my name means "God's gift". He was excited b/c he has a brother name Beka & it was kinda like my name.
Outside the balcony at the guesthouse.
 I have to admit....I knew Addis was a poor city, but I wasn't expecting it to be this bad.
"Heal the sick, cleanse the leapers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have recieved, freely you give." Matt 10:8

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