Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We had breakfast at McDonalds.
Then we went to Freedom Fest in Greenwood. We hadn't been in a few years & it was great!!
Michael Wayne loved every bounce around. It was so cute!
Piper had to warm up to it but she liked most of them.
Here she is on the blue slide.

This one was Landon's favorite!
 So sweet! Piper likes to dance with mimi.

 On the Trolley:
Nana & Landon
 My wonderful husband & I!
 MW, Mimi, & Piper
 Me & Nicole
LOVE this picture! They are SO cute!!
 They were so big on the ponies!

More bounce arounds.
 mmmmm. funnel cakes!
 A little snack while we waited for the fireworks.
 My sweet girl! Since she HATES the noise of the fireworks she sat on me then her daddy til she fell asleep. SO sweet!
 So cute! Landon & his mommy!
 Landon & Michael LOVE fireworks!!
 so cute!
 Hope you all had a great one!! Ours was amazing!!!

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