Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Service Projects Church Camp - post 3

Instead of doing a rec this year we did service projects. This was great! It was a great experience for the kids & for us. We split the 4 teams up boys & girls mathew & mark were together & luke & john were together.
Here is our group at a park picking up sweet gumballs. They had covered the playground.
We were the 2nd group to go. The kids worked hard & it was amazing that they hardly complained at all.
Team Luke & John after some hard work :)
The next day our group went to a women's rehabiliation center. They were getting ready for a yard sale so all our kids helped with that. It was amazing how they just got after it & wanted to work.

Then we got to visit with the women. I think they were greatful to get visitors.
We got to pray for them they they prayed psalms 91 over us. Very neat!
Kelli & her girls. Team Luke
Hunter & his group. Team John
Team Mathew & Mark went to a nursing home & played bingo with the elderly. Amazing!

Having service projects was such a great experience. It was a good for all of us. It is neat seeing the heart of these sweet middle school students!

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