Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last day-church camp 2011- post 4

Heath Gordon was our speaker at camp & he did a fantastic job. Beau & I thought he was perfect for the kids. Thank you Lord for speaking through Heath.

Playing Gorilla, Man, Gun. We did this every morning. It is kinda like rock, paper, scissors. The kid loved it & I have had the song stuck in my head since camp.
 Me & Rach!
 awesome boys!
 sweet girls!

funny picture!
 The whole group!
In our small group times we discussed Gen. 22:1-18, Exodus 3:1-22, & Exodus 12:1-30. We discussed how we could see Jesus in the story & how we could see us in the story. It amazed me at what some of the kids knew. I really enjoyed our small groups.

I just can't thank God enough for this week. This camp was prayed over alot & God gets all the glory.

Here is church camp of 2007. It was the last time I went & the first year in Texas.

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