Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Homecoming weekend 2011

Turtle Races
We headed back to Antlers after church camp for Homecoming. Last year we remembered the little turtles were the fastest. We found a little turtle. Piper painted it all by herself & named her Strawberry Shortcake. She wanted to paint it pink with black polka dots & put stickers on her.
 Strawberry Shortcake let us down at the race. She literally just climbed back up in the box. We still had fun though.
Then we headed to the parade where we again got way too much candy!
Beau, uncle Danny, & Gavin.
 Dedo, Piper, Garrett, & Bren
 watching the parade
 I spotted my uncle Jerry on the Class of 81 float. It was his 30 year reunion!
 Then we let SS go. Piper said "make sure & don't let your stickers fall off".
After all of that we went to Thomas & Glenda's for  volleyball & swimming.
 Sweet Kayman
 Aunt Jane, Mom, & Piper :)
 me & P swimming. Have I mentioned how much of a fish this girl has become????
 She was jumping in the water & going under.
 My big girl!
That night we went to the carnival. The kids had lots of fun!
Shannon, Dedo, Landon, & Piper
 Landon playing the dart game.
 Piper playing the dart game.
 The kids going down the big slide.
 Michael, Dedo, Piper, & Landon
 Big smiles! Piper & Landon.
 :) Dedo & Michael.
 Beau & Shannon being goofy!
 Beau, Shannon, Lisa, & Mom :)
 Michael Wayne & Landon on the horses.
 Piper & Dedo
 Lisa & me :) Love her!
 Dedo talked me into riding this with her. It about made me sick.
 Bounce around
 Night Swimming
After the carnival we headed to Shannon & Lisa's & we all swam. It was great!!

You can bet we all slept good this day. This was all in one day. Super busy but super fun!

Here is Homecoming from last year.

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