Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's day & Naturals game

Happy Father's day to the most amazing man! Piper & I are so blessed to have you!!
Beau got a cheesecake & the movie "just go with it". Beau & I went to the movies & watched it when it first came out & loved it.
 Then after all the traveling we have been doing.....Went to NWA & went to a Nauturals game. Beau was so happy we went. We all had a really great time!

 Yep, that is my Piper! One of a kind. Nice picture!

 This guys name is Zack Cox. He use to play for the Razorbacks (so I hear). He over threw a ball to 1st where Beau jumped up & got it :)
 Here are Beau & Piper with the ball, & eating some dippin dots.

Kids ate FREE this night! Hotdog, chips, & a drink.
 When Piper grows up she will know how great of a dad she has. Beau will love Piper no matter what & will always be there for her. Not everyone can say that about there dads....
It was a great Father's day! Most importantly, Beau thought it was wonderful. We are so blessed to have you. The Lord used you fill voids in my life that no one else could have. You are amazing! Thank you Jesus for BEAU AMES!!!!


  1. Such a wonderful post Becky!! Piper is so blessed to have you and Beau as her parents! :0)