Thursday, June 9, 2011

Family Fun Day!

Last sunday our church had our family fun day at bell park. It was a great day! Piper started out in the bounce around.
Then to the big water slide.
The water came to about the top of her head so we had to catch her when she went in.
Heaven D & Piper
Piper went on this slip n slide about a million times. Seriously! I made her get off to eat then she was back on.

P & H waiting in line.
Then miss Emma got there & went on the slip in slide with Piper. P held her hand b/c she was a little nervous at first. These two are so sweet together. They were inseperable!

I love it!!
Shannon, Kale, & Drew
Sweet baby Anna Cavner :)
We also played some volleyball. We had a great team but lost the 2nd game. It was a very fun night!!

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