Monday, June 20, 2011

Church Camp 2011 -post1

Down & Dirty Discipleship
Last week Beau & I got the blessing of going to church camp with our middle school. It was awesome!
We prayed 3 prayers over this camp:
1. That the kids would love God's word more
2. That the kids will love eachother more
3. That the kids will commit to getting "down & dirty

Beau & Rachel in an intense game of tetherball.

 Beau & Jacob H.
 My girls! Team John
Lillian, Abigail W, Sara, Cassie, Madelyn, Lauren, Kaylee, me, & Brooklyn.
I really LOVE these girls & they stole a piece of my heart that week.
 Beau's boys. Team Luke:
Noah, Hunter, Beau, Avery, Dane, Paxton, Cooper, & Tanner.
He had an amazing group as well!
 Beau & I at the crosses on top of the hill. Just beautiful!

 Camp Counselors. Love these girls!
Rachel, me, Rebel, & Kelli
 Hunter baptizing Trey
 Rebel, me, & Rachel playing horseshoes
 Kodi C came to help :)
Kodi, Abbey, Heaven, Rylee, & Natalie
 funny boys
 me, Abby I. & Ashlyn
 Hannah, Abbey S., & Destiny
 Lillian & Bailey.

The guys
Grant, Steven F., Heath, Jake, Adrew, Beau, Jeb, & Hunter.
God really had His hand over this camp. What a blessing. More posts to come.

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