Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ames' saturday fun!

Friday night Piper sat through 4 1/2 hours of softball & was so good. Beau & I filled in for a team so we played 3 games. We are so thankful she does so good & never complains or runs off.
We wanted to do somethings special. Saturday we went & ate at Jerry Neals. If you have ever met the owner you would be happy to support his resturaunt. We were leaving to go to our car & he started talking to us. He shared his faith with us & we thought it was awesome!
 Piper had a kid cup but talked her daddy into switching with him. (that wasn't hard to do).
 We went & played some gator golf. One of Piper's favorite things to do!

 I showed Piper this picture & said "wanna see two monkeys?" She said "wanna see a monkey & a gorilla?" ha!

 Then we went & watched RIO. It was super cute! Beau & I laughed alot in it & Piper really liked it! We will definatley buy this one!
Love you so much Piper & Beau!!!!  I have so much fun with you both!!!!

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