Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping-Memorial Day Weekend

We had the best weekend camping.

Playing with waterguns.
 Sweet Piper.
She became a little fish this wknd! I thought she would always be scared of the water but this weekend she was amazing in the water. She would go where she couldn't touch too with her swimmies on. She was amazing & we were so proud!! She was kicking & paddling!!
 Piper jumping
 Landon jumping
 Piper & Garrett
 Dedo & Beau
 Daisy loves uncle Windale so much. She fell asleep on him. Anytime he is around, she wants him.
 Piper, mom, Garrett, Tosha, & aunt Barbra
 Kayrae & Daisy playing in a bucket of water.
 Gavin was rolling around in the mud. It was too funny!
 Mom, Kaymen, & Piper :)
 Kaylee thinks my name is Tina. I told her that last year on Easter & she still thought my name was Tina. I think she figured out this time what my name really is.
She said "hey Tina, will you take a picture of me?"
She is so pretty!
We were so thankful for a beautiful weekend. It was great being with family & the kids had SO much fun!!!  It was so nice when we got home & got to take warm showers & sleep in our own beds :)

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