Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beau calls them "Piper-isms"

You know -funny things that Piper says.....

3-18-11 After eating a popcicle I washed Piper's hands with a wipe. She was upset b/c they were still sticky. I told her to go inside & let her dad do it. She came back out & said "that's better." I told her sorry I wasn't good like her daddy (trying to get sympathy). She said "just keep trying mommy, you will get better."
4-1-11 Piper was dancing crazy one day (like always). I told her to drop it like it's hot. She said, "now I am dropping it like it's cold, now I'm dropping it like it's just right."
4-2-11 One morning they were setting off bombs at Fort Chaffee & Beau went into Piper's room. She told him that something was knocking on her window. She said "I think it's either a bird or a giraffe."
3-29-11 After church on wed nights Piper doesn't get to play b/c we usually have to get her strait to bed. She told her daddy if he would drive faster he would pick up some time.
4-26-11 We drove by wal-mart gas station where we usually get gas & Piper says "o my goodness, did you see that?" Beau & I said "what is it." She said did you see how much that gas was?".... (she has been listening to us too much)

So many more but I just can't keep up with this funny little girl!