Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping-Memorial Day Weekend

We had the best weekend camping.

Playing with waterguns.
 Sweet Piper.
She became a little fish this wknd! I thought she would always be scared of the water but this weekend she was amazing in the water. She would go where she couldn't touch too with her swimmies on. She was amazing & we were so proud!! She was kicking & paddling!!
 Piper jumping
 Landon jumping
 Piper & Garrett
 Dedo & Beau
 Daisy loves uncle Windale so much. She fell asleep on him. Anytime he is around, she wants him.
 Piper, mom, Garrett, Tosha, & aunt Barbra
 Kayrae & Daisy playing in a bucket of water.
 Gavin was rolling around in the mud. It was too funny!
 Mom, Kaymen, & Piper :)
 Kaylee thinks my name is Tina. I told her that last year on Easter & she still thought my name was Tina. I think she figured out this time what my name really is.
She said "hey Tina, will you take a picture of me?"
She is so pretty!
We were so thankful for a beautiful weekend. It was great being with family & the kids had SO much fun!!!  It was so nice when we got home & got to take warm showers & sleep in our own beds :)


I don't know about anyone else but I am tired of dodging tornados. My heart breaks for all the lost ones caused but these crazy, deadly tornados.
Piper & Cambreigh at the storm shelter.
 Beau trying to sleep at the storm shelter.
My poor child pretends to be going to the storm shelter all the time now. She talks about the tornado coming.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Saturday post.

I love when Beau told me he likes to look at my blog b/c it shows how much fun we have as a family.
Last monday we went to The Dogpound & got some ice cream. It was our first time to go there. Neither of us had to work so we spent a fun family day together. 
She is so cute & I love her in little caps :)
Walking on the walking trail in Greenwood on Saturday. It was so pretty!

Last saturday morning playing Old Maid in Piper's tent with her.
Some little mess decided to draw all over her legs with a pen.

 Our pretty girl!

Beau calls them "Piper-isms"

You know -funny things that Piper says.....

3-18-11 After eating a popcicle I washed Piper's hands with a wipe. She was upset b/c they were still sticky. I told her to go inside & let her dad do it. She came back out & said "that's better." I told her sorry I wasn't good like her daddy (trying to get sympathy). She said "just keep trying mommy, you will get better."
4-1-11 Piper was dancing crazy one day (like always). I told her to drop it like it's hot. She said, "now I am dropping it like it's cold, now I'm dropping it like it's just right."
4-2-11 One morning they were setting off bombs at Fort Chaffee & Beau went into Piper's room. She told him that something was knocking on her window. She said "I think it's either a bird or a giraffe."
3-29-11 After church on wed nights Piper doesn't get to play b/c we usually have to get her strait to bed. She told her daddy if he would drive faster he would pick up some time.
4-26-11 We drove by wal-mart gas station where we usually get gas & Piper says "o my goodness, did you see that?" Beau & I said "what is it." She said did you see how much that gas was?".... (she has been listening to us too much)

So many more but I just can't keep up with this funny little girl!

Random pics at Mrs. Becky's

Playing Outside
We play outside as much as possible!

 Pizza Day!
We made our own pizza's with our own toppings. We put the non food items on the side.
 Then of course had pizza for lunch.
Rainy Day
 Had a rainy day so we put the tent up.

 Today we made tambourines. Lot's of fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dance party

Jessie, Piper, Joey, Sarah, Katie, & Abbie with Mrs. Veronica & Miss Samantha.

 They got to dance at their dance party. Piper got to dance to her favorite song. The colors of the rainbow.
 Then they had some snacks. :)
 Piper & Jessie

What an awesome year of dance!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zumba for Africa missions (fundraising)

Our friend Jessica held a Zumba class & the money went to our trip to Africa. Thank you so much Jessica Farris!!
 I LOVE Zumba! I have done a zumba class with Jessica before & she is really good at it.
 We had a lot of fun!!!  Thank you all who were able to come.

The Lord is continuing to remind me of all the people in my life who really care.  He is also showing me that when He has a plan for me, if I do His will. He will make sure it gets taken care of.

"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 1 Thes. 5:18

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Piper's 1st dance recital! (you can bet that this is picture overload!)

Lastnight my princess had her very 1st dance recital. To say we were proud is a complete understatement.
We really thought she would get shy up on stage but she never did. Not once. She did her moves great & she had fun!
 Waiting to go on stage. Playing with Michael Wayne.
 Clap! by the Creative movement class.
 I love that this is a christian owned dance school. I love that they dress modest, play christian music, & they prayed before the recital.
 Piper & Sarah.

 I love how Piper & Sarah are looking at eachother.
 My tiny dancer!
 Piper & aunt Fran
 Sweet Frances got Piper a princess tiara! She loves it!
 Proud & thankful parents with our girl & her flower we got her.
 Dylan & Danielle
 My beautiful momma!
 I cried through this recital. I know it sounds silly but so many emotions going on. It was a very happy night!
 Michael liked watching Piper dance.
 The ad we had put in the recital program.
Piper definatley wants to dance next year. It has been a great year & we are so glad she got to do this.