Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We have been learning about numbers! I tried to do different things everyday with different numbers.

We counted raisins in the egg carton & they each took turns put the # of raisins in it.
We write the # we do everyday in our books.
E not quite old enough for #'s yet.
#9 (nine stickers)
glueing our pasta to our plate 
We play a game where I put these #'s around the house & the kids have to find the # I tell them & bring it to me.
They really liked this.
& they are proud when they find the right one.
14 foam stickers.
17 little fingerprints & we always color a picture with the #.
Jasper says this is #1.


  1. AWW! Love! You do great stuff with them...looks so fun!

  2. Thank you Ashley! I try & do things with them, sometimes I just don't feel very creative.