Monday, April 4, 2011

Going away party for the Ristow's :,(

Can't believe our Ristow's are moving. :(
Drew & Piper in the bounce around.
Piper really is going to miss Linnea.
Me & Monica :)
Gary & Kale.
Piper did not use to love bounce arounds....She actually didn't really like them until about this last year. Now she LOVES them! She was sad when they put it up & kept telling it bye. She pretends to be in one too.
Little cuties!
Hudson & Piper said they were riding a horse.

Dana said that Piper was Monk. Piper is so annal about things on her hands. She just can't get them clean enough. She really stressed me out about her hands that night.
Monica, Drew, & Kale.
Dana & Me waiting on our coffee.
Sweeties! SaraBeth & Jasper
Love em!
Ben & Beau.
Terral & Brad Albert
Josh & Rod
Me & my wonderful friend Ronda! I really love her! She is a true friend!! Miss her so much!
Jason, Rod, & Grant.
Beau & Rod. Beau loves him!
Shaina, me, Ashley, Devon, & Josh.
LOVE the Kimbrells!
H & P playing with chalk.
so sweet!
At night enjoying the fire & some music. It was so nice.
Beau & Kirk.
Singing some praise & worship.
Jamie, Terral, Shaina, Devon, & Stepheny did a great job!
(not often you see a lamp outside in a bucket :))
Don't hate me Shaina.....It's funny!
Now that is talent.
Ashley, Jason, Ben, & Rod.
The kids inside playing games.
Kristen, Lauren, Fern, Ben, Hudson, Piper, & Jacob.
We will miss them Ristow's so much! Not very often you meet genuine people like them. I hope they love their new home in Witchita.

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  1. What a great post with so many great people in it!!! =) thanks for sharing!