Wednesday, April 13, 2011

God uses our children

It just amazes me how God can use our children to speak to us. Last night we were on our way home & Piper was telling us about how we need to do the right thing & we were each giving examples of things that God wants us to do & things Satan wants us to do. We were amazed at all the things she knew.

When we got home Beau & I had a little spat. A little bigger than little I guess. When we have a disagreement one of us has to be the adult & do the right thing. This time it was me (YAY!) Piper & I walked into the bedroom b/c I didn't want to fight. Piper first says while sitting on my lap hugging me, "we need to tell daddy that Jesus loves him." Then she says "we need to pray for daddy." So we did. Then she kept saying "Jesus does love daddy, mommy. Jesus loves daddy." It broke my heart. After it was settled, Beau apologized & then went to Piper's room to apologize to her. She has such a sweet heart! She told him "it's okay daddy, we all make mistakes. Sometimes I make mistakes too. I forgive you. It will be okay daddy." She also said, "just keep trying, you will be better." Talk about conviction!

Beau & I are not perfect & we are still learning alot. So thankful for a little girl with a huge heart. & a forgiving heart!

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