Thursday, April 28, 2011

annual easter camp 2011

We went camping once again for Easter. The first night was great! The 2nd night it stormed a little but it wasn't bad. But we did think it was going to get bad & a tree limb fell on Shannon's brothers tent with there baby inside. It was a huge limb & it landed about 6 inches from his head. Thankfully he was okay but it did put a hole in the tent.
Dedo, Piper, & Michael eatin some cereal.
Went fishing but didn't catch anything. It was still alot of fun though.
 Played some volleyball. My team was the champions. I had me, Scott, Tessa, Trevor,

 Piper & her daddy fishing. So sweet. Piper's 1st time to fish. She just reeled it in. Fish were not biting this day.
 Coloring eggs

 Thrown in the river: Every year if there is someone new come along my family "welcomes" them by throwing them in the river.
Here is uncle Danny & uncle Windale throwing Tut in.
 Mom & Grandma! My grandma Faye is a mess! I just love her!

 Nicole about to get thrown in.
 There she goes! :)
 How sweet! Nicole trying to give Hank a (wet) hug!
My brothers, Hank & Alex

Michael Wayne & Landon fishing.

 Egg Hunt:
We had a TON of eggs hidden this year.
 This cracks me up! Piper was so sleepy!
 The best I could get of the cousins :)
 I can't forget to tell you that Piper DID NOT want to pick up the boy colored eggs. I had to make her! She found 24 eggs total!
 Garrett Wade!
 Sweet Landon!
 Mimi & Michael Wayne :)
SO thankful for my family! Another great year of camping & another year of fighting the bad weather. It wasn't bad though & we are glad we went :)