Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy 31st birthday to my sweet husband!

Beau turned 31 on Wed. He got new shoes, the movie invincible, & a homemade cookie cake. I think he was pleased.
 Beau & his little poser :)
We are so thankful for you life Beau Adam Ames!
 I just couldn't help but think about how thankful I am that God brought us together. & that I have a husband who loves me & our daughter so much!
 I tried to make it a little special bc we love you so much!
We had tacos for dinner :)
After P went to bed Beau & I played Phase 10 & watched his movie. He won but only b/c it was his birthday ;)
 & of course we enjoyed some cookie cake.
Love you sweetheart!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

annual easter camp 2011

We went camping once again for Easter. The first night was great! The 2nd night it stormed a little but it wasn't bad. But we did think it was going to get bad & a tree limb fell on Shannon's brothers tent with there baby inside. It was a huge limb & it landed about 6 inches from his head. Thankfully he was okay but it did put a hole in the tent.
Dedo, Piper, & Michael eatin some cereal.
Went fishing but didn't catch anything. It was still alot of fun though.
 Played some volleyball. My team was the champions. I had me, Scott, Tessa, Trevor,

 Piper & her daddy fishing. So sweet. Piper's 1st time to fish. She just reeled it in. Fish were not biting this day.
 Coloring eggs

 Thrown in the river: Every year if there is someone new come along my family "welcomes" them by throwing them in the river.
Here is uncle Danny & uncle Windale throwing Tut in.
 Mom & Grandma! My grandma Faye is a mess! I just love her!

 Nicole about to get thrown in.
 There she goes! :)
 How sweet! Nicole trying to give Hank a (wet) hug!
My brothers, Hank & Alex

Michael Wayne & Landon fishing.

 Egg Hunt:
We had a TON of eggs hidden this year.
 This cracks me up! Piper was so sleepy!
 The best I could get of the cousins :)
 I can't forget to tell you that Piper DID NOT want to pick up the boy colored eggs. I had to make her! She found 24 eggs total!
 Garrett Wade!
 Sweet Landon!
 Mimi & Michael Wayne :)
SO thankful for my family! Another great year of camping & another year of fighting the bad weather. It wasn't bad though & we are glad we went :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fundraising-Ordinary Hero

NOW is the time to order Ordinary Hero gear. SALE  through Sunday... 40% of your purchase goes toward my mission trip cost. Simply choose my name from the drop-down affiliate box. Sale prices applicable through Sunday! Top seller receives $500 grant from OH! Can you please help me? They have GREAT items to choose from..Take a look. and Thank you!!! :)
Go to the Ordinary Hero Store to order.
Here is Piper in her t-shirt that we ordered. Love it!

Be sure & check out the items for sale! You can get better deals. Thanks alot!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My brother is getting married!!

I am so excited! My brother Hank & Nicole are getting married! She was one of my good friends in school & they started dating back in November. He asked her this wknd. We are so excited!
The set date is October 8, 2011! 

Gone public

I have gone "public" again. ..........For now. I have my reasons. I am not reading anyone else's blog for now. I have my reasons for that too. That was really the main reason for it. Things I am dealing with. No big deal. Just best for me.

Have a great one!
Sure wish this weather would quit getting bad. Tired of these tornados!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wildtree Fundraising

My friend Amanda is selling Wildtree & I am excited! For the month of April she is giving her profits to my friend Ashley & I for our trip to Africa. She doesn't know what a huge blessing she is & I am SO thankful! It is a huge help for us!
Me, Amanda, & Ashley
It POURED this night but I had a great turnout anyway. I am really blessed with great people in my life!
 I can't thank you all enough! This is also a huge ministry for my friend Amanda. She is doing  a great thing!!! Thank you Lord for these ladies & for this opportunity!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter at Mrs. Beckys!

"But He is not here. He has risen from death as He said He would." Matt 28:6
Resurrection Rolls: This is really neat. I got to give an example of Jesus' resurrection. The kids loved it!
The tomb is empty. He has risen!!!
We did lots of easter activities.
Ellery got a hat since she is not quite old enough to hunt eggs.
Easter egg hunt! This took probably 2 minutes. It was cold outside.
Piper, Dean, & Cooper ran for the eggs. I was running to try & get Jasper some b/c he wasn't getting them. So I did not get many pictures.