Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Winter Jam

Saturday a few of us headed to Little Rock to Winter Jam.
Me, Cora, & Jacque! We had lots of fun visiting & lot's of good laughs!
Beau & I. Poor Beau, the only guy but I don't think he minded it too much.
Barb! She is wonderful!
Chris August. He is wonderful!
RED. Not my favorite.
Sidewalk Prophets
KJ52. Love him! Beau & I though he was a cool guy!
My favorite....David Crowder Band
Francesca Battistelli
Speaker: Tony Nolan, he has an awesome testimony. Check him out.
Kutless. GREAT!
Newsboys! Great also!
So thankful we went! Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Francesca Battistelli AND Newsboys! LOVE THEM!!!! looks like ya'll had a GREAT time! =)

  2. They were great! Newsboys drummer was amazing!