Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Reunion-Texas Bell/Goodnight/Baker

There is nothing like being 4 hours away from home & running into one of your best friends from highschool! This seriously made my night.
Toni Michelle! I miss her SO much!
We went to Texas this weekend for a family reunion & had the best time!
The girls had lots of fun together!
We got together with the family on Saturday & cooked out.
All the kids had fun playing together.
In our family it is always a fight between OU or the Longhorns. :)
How many kids can fit on one swing set....
My cousins, J'Lynn & Crickette.
This is my dad & all his siblings with their real dad Lawerence. I can't tell you the last time all the siblings have all been together. It was amazing & we could see the way God really had his hand in it.
Eddie, Danny, Jerry, Sherry, & Debbie.
G'ma & Papa with all the kids.
Papa & G'ma with all the kids & grandkids that were there.
Britney, J'Lynn, me, Piper, Shelby, Tristan, Jason, Crickette, Jamie, Sarah, K'Lynn, & Jayce.
Shelby Lynn loved my little Piper! :) They sorta have the same hair.
Elmer playing with the kids. He was chasing P around the tree.
A little entertainment. Dad shared his Thanksgiving song.
We had so much fun hanging out at night outside. I have not seen my aunt Debbie since I went to visit my dad in Harrison, AR probably when I was in Middle School. It was a great visit!
I left this for my uncle Eddie when I left, in the room I was staying in. He has now seen it & is ready for paybacks......YIKES!!
At the reunion.....Jannie & her son Wesley.
I LOVE this! Delaney is 9 months older than Piper. I am 5 months older than Amberly. I hope these girls stay close & have lots of great memories like Amberly & I do.
We did get to stay the last night with them & they had SO much fun together.
My dad, aunts, uncles, & all the cousins.
This is my aunt Becky's family. We lost aunt Becky last year on Valentine's Day. It sure wasn't the same without her.
This wknd was the first time I got to meet Lawerence my dad's real dad. He was a sweetie! My dad definatley gets his looks from him!
Our family :)
Grandma & her kids.
Lawerence & his kids :)
Cecily, Amberly's oldest. Such a sweetie!
Shelby Lynn loves me! I converted her to be an OU fan! Smart girl!!
Uncle Eddie & aunt Melinda. Love them!!
Amberly, me, & Tonya. Love them! Did I mention I was named after their momma??? I miss her & I am thankful I got to be named after her. She was my favorite.
My grandma & her siblings that are still alive. They are holding a picture of aunt Becky & a picture of ma & pa Bell.
Thank you Lord for your answered prayers & letting us have this time. Thank you for the opportunity to have my dad & his siblings who live in 3 different states get together for a great time!

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  1. My name is Ernest Lively Jr. I reside in Deming, New Mexico.I have heard of the Bell family reunion in Texas which I understand in the past has been held at or near Liberty City. My grandmother (maternal)was a Bell. I am also related to a Dumont Goodnight who resides in Tyler, Texas. If there is going to be a Bell/Goodnight reunion in Tx please contact me at eblueeyes55@hotmail.com.