Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Reunion-Texas Bell/Goodnight/Baker

There is nothing like being 4 hours away from home & running into one of your best friends from highschool! This seriously made my night.
Toni Michelle! I miss her SO much!
We went to Texas this weekend for a family reunion & had the best time!
The girls had lots of fun together!
We got together with the family on Saturday & cooked out.
All the kids had fun playing together.
In our family it is always a fight between OU or the Longhorns. :)
How many kids can fit on one swing set....
My cousins, J'Lynn & Crickette.
This is my dad & all his siblings with their real dad Lawerence. I can't tell you the last time all the siblings have all been together. It was amazing & we could see the way God really had his hand in it.
Eddie, Danny, Jerry, Sherry, & Debbie.
G'ma & Papa with all the kids.
Papa & G'ma with all the kids & grandkids that were there.
Britney, J'Lynn, me, Piper, Shelby, Tristan, Jason, Crickette, Jamie, Sarah, K'Lynn, & Jayce.
Shelby Lynn loved my little Piper! :) They sorta have the same hair.
Elmer playing with the kids. He was chasing P around the tree.
A little entertainment. Dad shared his Thanksgiving song.
We had so much fun hanging out at night outside. I have not seen my aunt Debbie since I went to visit my dad in Harrison, AR probably when I was in Middle School. It was a great visit!
I left this for my uncle Eddie when I left, in the room I was staying in. He has now seen it & is ready for paybacks......YIKES!!
At the reunion.....Jannie & her son Wesley.
I LOVE this! Delaney is 9 months older than Piper. I am 5 months older than Amberly. I hope these girls stay close & have lots of great memories like Amberly & I do.
We did get to stay the last night with them & they had SO much fun together.
My dad, aunts, uncles, & all the cousins.
This is my aunt Becky's family. We lost aunt Becky last year on Valentine's Day. It sure wasn't the same without her.
This wknd was the first time I got to meet Lawerence my dad's real dad. He was a sweetie! My dad definatley gets his looks from him!
Our family :)
Grandma & her kids.
Lawerence & his kids :)
Cecily, Amberly's oldest. Such a sweetie!
Shelby Lynn loves me! I converted her to be an OU fan! Smart girl!!
Uncle Eddie & aunt Melinda. Love them!!
Amberly, me, & Tonya. Love them! Did I mention I was named after their momma??? I miss her & I am thankful I got to be named after her. She was my favorite.
My grandma & her siblings that are still alive. They are holding a picture of aunt Becky & a picture of ma & pa Bell.
Thank you Lord for your answered prayers & letting us have this time. Thank you for the opportunity to have my dad & his siblings who live in 3 different states get together for a great time!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mission Siloam, Spring Break 2011

We left Tues to head to the church camp in Siloam Springs to do some work on the camp. We had an awesome group of students that went with us. We were grouped of with students from other areas as well & we had the only group of middle school. The rest were Youth.
Heaven, Natalie, & Darbi (6th grade)
Katie, Claire, & Alexis (7th grade)
Cassie, Sara Beth, & Kerrie (5th grade)
Dana driving & Erin in the front :)
Devon, Rachel, & me :) (no make-up!)
Darbi & Claire hard at work. We painted this building. We were assigned to paint twice. Mine and Rachel's group were together then & we were so proud of the kids. They worked really well.
Dana M. & her group. Brady S. & Heaven.
Dane is too funny I got to be around him alot b/c he was in my group. This was while we were collecting food for the Manna house. (Can you see the boys in the background covering their faces b/c they didn't want their picture taken)
Every team got to go once to the Manna Center & go around door to door asking for food donations for the Manna Center who help provide for families in need. This was really neat. This was everyone in our group who went. About 3 teams I think.
Nathan, Dane, & Jake.
I got to be with them while we collected food. We only had 2 people who opened the door for us & one donated. It was so funny b/c The first door we went to I spoke first so the boys would know what to do. Jake wanted to do it next. We went door to door & no one answered. When someone finally answered Jake grabbed my arm & said "no you do it" & got behind me.  I was baffled & I wasn't expecting that. I was prepared to help but wasn't expecting that. We gave him a hard time & he made fun of my laugh. When we got back the lady asked us about our experience. Dane got up & told the story. It was funny but then he also told the part where we asked her for if she needed prayer & she wanted us to pray for her later & not at the time. It was really sweet b/c not only did he tell the part that was funny but he also told the real part too. I was proud of them.
Oh & also, these boys ran the whole time so I got alot of excersise!
Lady leaders
Dana, Erin, Rachel, Me, & Devin.  I am so glad all these ladies were there.
We got VERY little free time it seemed. I did get to play some basketball though. These boys gave me a big head & made it sound like I was really good. One even told me I was too tall & you can bet I never heard that before. It was a lot of fun!
This was my Greenwood group. I really had a great team!
The Fresh Squeezed Lemonades
Claire, Me, Dane, & Jacob.
This was the last day. We picked up rocks & sticks :)
Lunch time.
Did I mention how well the kids behaved while we were here. There was no fighting or any conflict. They were just great!
haha! Nice!
This is the famous "gaga ball" that the kids LOVED! It is a game that the jews played back during the holocaust while in concentration camps. Jewish dodgeball basically & the kids LOVED this! They even played it at night with flashlights.
I took this picture just for you Leslie. Your sweet boy!
This was a dad & son that lead worship & they were great!
Here is Jason, the director of the camp & Lindsey. She is a missionary & was the guest speaker. She really has some amazing stories & an awesome ministry!
Me & sweet Kerrie Ceisla.
The last night everyone got in a big circle, we prayed, & we all had candles. We lit each candle & sang worship music to the Lord. We went through the campus & prayed over it. It was really amazing.
The whole Greenwod group!
I really had an amazing experience & I would definatley do it again. It was neat seeing how awesome of a group we have. They worked just as hard or harder than some of the others & they were the youngest.