Monday, February 21, 2011

Welp, I finally finished it....

.....RADICAL that is. I don't even know how to describe it....

I am thankful for this book. I am thankful for getting convicted for reading this book. I would hate to be "comfortable" in my walk with Christ. That would be........SAD :( I know sometimes I do.
  • What I really love is that he (David Platt) quoted scripture.
  • I love that he even talked about his struggles (pg 124)
  • He talks about his church & how there are too many luxuries there. Too many people with too many expensive things.
  • I love how he challenges his church members to be more radical.
  • Pg 136 he even talks about ways that he & his wife try & remove luxuries.
Pg 198 he talks about how our mission begins in our home. "Therefore, our homes, communities, & cities are the primary places & contain the primary people with whom we will impact nations for the glory of Christ." 

~SO TRUE! We have a mission all around us. I also believe God puts different things on different peoples hearts to be there mission field.

~I do want SO much more though. I know there is SO much more that I can do!


  1. Amen. Let it be so! I have heard great things about that book. I think it's greatest thing is that it points back to the greatest book, the Word.
    Thanks for sharing!