Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl

It was the Packers against the Steelers. I don't like either team but I chose to root for the Packers.
Packers win!
Our lifegroup got together at the Andrews' home. It was one of the best times! I LOVE this group!
Here are all the girls!
All the guys!
Shaina, Lauren & me :) Love them!
Lawson, Beau, Terral. :)
Look at all these CUTE kids!
Brooks, Cameron, Hudson, & Piper :)
So precious! Mackenzie & Kale.
Hud & Cam
This was SO cute! Brooks kept kissing Piper.
Cora getting the kids. They loved running to Cora & letting her tickle them.
LOVE Cora!
So sweet! Lauren was playing school with the kids. You can see there little scoreboard.
Aaron & Jacque!
Robby, Jackie & her sweet pregnant belly.
The wonderful lifegroup leaders that we are very blessed to have!
What a wonderful night! Lot's of laughs, great fellowship, & a good game! & most definatley lots of good food!


  1. I love you sweet girl!! We had a blast! I can't wait for Friday night!

  2. I can't wait either Cora! Love our group!