Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow......again & sledding!

Last wed. we got MORE SNOW! 2-9-11
It really is just beaufiul!
Our backyard. We got about 5 in.
We went sledding with the Meekers & had SO much fun!
Shaina & I :)
Me & Piper about to go down the big hill. She was such a big girl. It went so fast & she loved it! She did not like however when we got to the bottom & there was snow on top of us.  One time P went down with me & her daddy & that was fun!
Beau bout to go down.
Terral & Beau going down. Beau wiping out! I don't know how many times he did that.
Hud & Pipe! So cute! It was SO cold!
Little miss indepandant had to show how big she was & walk up the hill by herself everytime. She didn't need help :)
Well, I wish I had a picture of my wipeout. I went to run & jump on my belly on the sled. Somehow I hit it or something & went in front of the sled & just slid. I heard lots of laughs! It hurt! But was very funny! I was sore!
We had such a fun time & can't wait to do it again...........Hopefully next winter :)

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