Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lifegroup Valentine's Day party & 2nd annual after party :)

Another GREAT time with some amazing people! I feel SO blessed to be a part of this group. Good food, & the Newlywed game. They tried to get Beau & I to participate in the game but I refused. After hearing some of the questions, I am SO glad I didn't. Good job Cora & Aimee!
All the ladies
Our guys are so silly!
Me & MY sweetheart! <3
We had our 2nd annual after party at Terral & Shaina's again.
Here we are doing popsicle push-ups. It was really neat.
The guys. I think this is Beau, Terral, Aaron, & Robby.
We also did some leg-wrestling. Beau & Terral, I think they took turns beating eachother.
Shaina & I leg wresling (Shaina please don't kill me for this picture)
Jacque & Amanda, this was too funny!
Piper & Hudson wanted to do some leg wresling (so cute)
Jason & Dusty.
Then the girls beat the guys 2 out of 3 rounds in catch phrase.
Here are the girls doing a popsicle push-up.
Amanda, Shaina, Jacque, & me. Poor Jacque, she is the only one who couldn't lift herself up.
The guys had to try it with more people.
It was such a fun night!


  1. You look so pretty in these pictures!!! We played catchphrase at our ss class party & of course girls won;)

  2. Thank you so much sweet friend! I sure miss you!

  3. That is a terrible picture!! Serious consequences Becky!! :)

  4. I won't put it on FB Shaina & I dread what is coming to me! I am sorry!!!! :)

  5. I miss you to!!! We have got to get together soon!!!