Sunday, February 6, 2011

4th snow this year Feb. 4, 11

I cannot believe how much snow we have gotten this year! It is crazy! We have been in this house all week! Friday we HAD to get some food!

This is what being in the house so long will do to ya....
(Beau does not all!)
P wanted her picture taken :)
Beau did EXCELLENT making scrambled eggs & toast! I loved it & I really loved not cooking for once.
We waited to go out in the snow & play til saturday. GREAT IDEA! It was not that cold & there was still tons of snow! We got to stay out there for a while.
Huge icicles!
We made a "home made" sled for P. This was lots of fun! She DID NOT like us throwing her off though. (that is the little "girl" in her that I love!)
She giggled the whole time she was riding. It was absolutley precious!!!
She told Beau she wanted to go faster but didn't want to fall off. She also had pretend Benny & Snowflake on with her.
This did her in. She was done.
She grabbed pretend Benny & snowflake off the sled.....
& was ready to go inside.
On to baking brownies. I love watching her crack an egg. She wanted to do all this by herself of course.
Our snowman.....we always name them. This one is....
I am thankful for this wknd I got to have with my family. We watched movies, ate lots of junk, Beau & I played lots of phase 10 & we just enjoyed eachothers company.
I know alot of people are sick of the snow including myself, but all I can say is.............Thank you LORD!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Piper has an amazing imagination!

  2. Thank you Cora! She sure does! & you just wait. I think her & Mackenzie are alot alike!