Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is your comfort food?

This is Beau's. Shells & Cheese.

This is mine. Mashed potatoes. Lots of butter & salt!. MMMM

pajamas & tennis shoes

We had mom, Alex, & MW come visit last wknd. They took me out to eat for my birthday.
Had to snap a picture of these cuties playing outside in their pajamas!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am 27!

Today I celebrated turning 27! I really feel so blessed! Beau suprised me with flowers which I loved. He & Piper also got me a new camera. Piper came in the house lastnight holding my present & card from her. It was so sweet. She was SO excited to give it too me. All day today she has been giving me "presents".
My sweet card from Piper. Signed by her. I LOVE IT!
My sweet card from Beau! LOVE!
SO BLESSED! I love flowers!
Piper told Beau that another man brought me the flowers. :)
We went to dance tonight. Piper was wound up! Beau & I were laughing b/c Piper is making the duck face in this picture. I don't know where she got it from but we don't like the duck face. She sure is cute though.
After dance we went for some ice cream :)
I know how blessed I am to have gotten to share my birthday with my grandpa. I was his birthday present :) I got to have 24 years with him. This is my 3rd year without him. The 1st birthday without him I cried the whole wknd. The next birthday (last year) my family was going to suprise me b/c I had such a hard year. I ended up going to Texas b/c my aunt Becky passed away. This year is a little easier. I just want to remember how blessed I am. I will always miss him! I am thankful to have been born on his birthday.
Beau, really made my birthday special & he put alot of thought into it. Thank you Beau Ames! I love you so much!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Welp, I finally finished it....

.....RADICAL that is. I don't even know how to describe it....

I am thankful for this book. I am thankful for getting convicted for reading this book. I would hate to be "comfortable" in my walk with Christ. That would be........SAD :( I know sometimes I do.
  • What I really love is that he (David Platt) quoted scripture.
  • I love that he even talked about his struggles (pg 124)
  • He talks about his church & how there are too many luxuries there. Too many people with too many expensive things.
  • I love how he challenges his church members to be more radical.
  • Pg 136 he even talks about ways that he & his wife try & remove luxuries.
Pg 198 he talks about how our mission begins in our home. "Therefore, our homes, communities, & cities are the primary places & contain the primary people with whom we will impact nations for the glory of Christ." 

~SO TRUE! We have a mission all around us. I also believe God puts different things on different peoples hearts to be there mission field.

~I do want SO much more though. I know there is SO much more that I can do!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lunch with friends

Last Sunday, Feb 14th we had the privalage of eating lunch with some wonderful friends. The Meeker's & the Ristow's. It was a full table for sure.
Beau, Rod, Terral, Jasper, & Ben.
Shaina, me, Lauren, Hudson, Rhonda, & Fern.
Linnea & Piper. P absolutley LOVES her!!
We had a fabulous time. We are absolultey going to miss the Ristows. :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

P showing off her Valentines Day box.
Mrs. Heather & Mr. Eric gave these to the kids at church. We are really thankful for them! Piper carried this around everywhere but now the candy is gone :)
We suprised P when she got up from her nap.
Jasper does love mrs. Becky :) & my favorite candy!
Sat we got us a cookie cake. Seeing how happy this little girl was made it completley worth it!
My family before church. :) love em!
The prettiest little Valentine in our eyes.
Well, I got a pair of shoes & 2bags of Lindor Truffel candies (during Christmas Beau had gotten me some but ate them all. He was making up for that.
Beau & I decided to do homemade cards which ended up being really sweet.

Beau got clothes & twizzlers. His favorite.
P decided she needed her tutu on.
P got books, candy, & clothes.
I just enjoy being with the ones I love & letting them know how much I love them. Not with gifts, but with love & spending time together.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The little Valentines at mrs. Beckys :}

I love celebrating any holiday. I feel like it gives us more to do.
Making our Valentine's Day boxes.
Miss E
Getting our stuff out of our boxes :)
We did crafts & things but I didn't get any pictures of that. We sure had fun though.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lifegroup Valentine's Day party & 2nd annual after party :)

Another GREAT time with some amazing people! I feel SO blessed to be a part of this group. Good food, & the Newlywed game. They tried to get Beau & I to participate in the game but I refused. After hearing some of the questions, I am SO glad I didn't. Good job Cora & Aimee!
All the ladies
Our guys are so silly!
Me & MY sweetheart! <3
We had our 2nd annual after party at Terral & Shaina's again.
Here we are doing popsicle push-ups. It was really neat.
The guys. I think this is Beau, Terral, Aaron, & Robby.
We also did some leg-wrestling. Beau & Terral, I think they took turns beating eachother.
Shaina & I leg wresling (Shaina please don't kill me for this picture)
Jacque & Amanda, this was too funny!
Piper & Hudson wanted to do some leg wresling (so cute)
Jason & Dusty.
Then the girls beat the guys 2 out of 3 rounds in catch phrase.
Here are the girls doing a popsicle push-up.
Amanda, Shaina, Jacque, & me. Poor Jacque, she is the only one who couldn't lift herself up.
The guys had to try it with more people.
It was such a fun night!