Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suprise weekend

This weekend Hank, Nicole, & Landon decided to come see us. We were so excited. Little did we know they had a suprise for us.....
It was
My mom, Wayne, & MW.
Crazy kids beating up on Beau!
These kids had lot's of fun together!
Michael, Piper, & Landon
Picture with mimi!
My brother Hank, Nicole, & Landon.
Nicole, Me, & Mom.
The boys getting eachother with leftover snow.
Saturday we did the craziest thing ever!!!!
Went to Chuckee Cheese!!!
SO BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!
The kids had a lot of fun so it we decided it was all worth it!
Then we went to Fridays to eat for Hank & Mom's birthday.
It was an awesome weekend! I am so blessed to have a wonderful famiy!!

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