Monday, January 10, 2011

Enjoying the snow

Yesterday we got our first snow of the year. We were so excited!
This is the start of it.
Piper couldn't wait to play in it!
making snowballs
It looked so pretty in the back yard. It was dark but bright. We couldn't help but thank God for the beauty of snow.
P did not want to go back inside.
Day 2 of playing in the snow.
We had a snowball fight. SO much fun. It was me & P against daddy.
uh oh! Piper coming after mommy with a snowball!
throwing one at Beau :)
Being a good dad & making a snowman.
Piper & Tinkerbell :)
Thank you Lord for the beautiful snow. We had fun!


  1. Love your pictures! The boys had fun in the snow too. We just took E out to get a picture and then brought her back inside! I thought it was beautiful too!

  2. We did that with Piper when she had her 1st snow. She absolutley loves playing in it!

  3. I do love the snowman. I forgot to tell you that today.

  4. haha! Thank you! It is silly & it's about to fall over but it was fun :)