Monday, January 3, 2011

another train ride, NYE, & Daisy's 1st birthday

One night last week we were supposed to meet Jimmy, Karen, & Jaden at Creekmore to ride the train. Jaden who is 1 didn't have his 2nd nap so they didn't make it. I remember how that goes........But.......Since we already told Piper we were doing it. We had to go ahead & ride again.
NYE we were in Antlers. We went to my g'ma's & played games,
ate alot.
& rang in the new year together.
Wating for the countdown. Yep those little ones even made it.
It meant alot to me to do this b/c it kept my mind of off things. 1 year ago wasn't so great for me.
Then Saturday we celebrated miss daisy's 1st birthday.
She is so sweet!!

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