Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wed. night with middle school (girls only)

Tonight was just the ladies with the middle school. All the boys headed over with the guys to hear coach Rick Jones speak. We really had a great night. We sang a few Christmas Carols, Rachel spoke about Mary (Jesus' mom). She did a great job & it really made you think of what she went through & the type of person she was....AMAZING!
Oh, & I made cookies!!!!
Rhonda had a few great games!!!
Me & 3 wesome girls.
The wed. night middle school lady leaders...ha!
Rhonda, Beth, Becky, & Rachel.
A group shot of all of us.
This was supposed to be a funny one but you see how it turned out....hee!
My new ornament from miss Caroline White. I love it!
I have been here on wed nights for 4 1/2 years now & still love it. I feel so blessed to be here.