Sunday, December 26, 2010

A sick week for us.

Piper & I spent the week in Antlers. We didn't hardly get to visit with anyone. When we got to town my dad was really sick. We spent the first morning with G'ma Faye & the second morning with G'ma & Papa Baker. It was so great visiting with them.
I am SO mean! The kids were up extremely late & I took a picture as they threw a fit!
One night we walked around & looked at the lights in mom's neighborhood.
RJ, MW, Ma, Piper, & Alex.
We walked up to a house where an old man was outside walking & Piper yells "that's my daddy". She got excited. He had gray hair, overalls & a beard. She got so embarrassed!
Where is Michael Wayne??
Where is Piper??
One night Ma & I finished up her Christmas shopping so P & MW stayed with G'ma Sandy. They got to make gingerbread houses while we shopped. :)
This is what my Christmas consisted of. There should be a thermometor in there too. My fever got up to 103.7. I was achy, my chest, throat, & head hurt so bad. I litterally stayed in bed for 3 days. Then I made myself get up. I didn't eat. It was bad. Pretty sure it was the flu. I just slept & slept. Beau said I've never seen you sleep so much. He & mom did a great job taking care of me. I had to sleep in the recliner for 3 nights b/c I had to sleep sitting up. YUCK! Thankful my g'pa called me in a z-pak.
My step dad also got real sick for a day, my step-sister got sick too. Piper had a strep virus we think. It was so sad. She wanted to sleep with me, lay on me, & she didn't want to eat. I was really glad she felt better before Christmas. But then I had to get sick. :( BOO!