Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Christmas stuff

We have been doing our countdown to Christmas. Everyday P opens a new box & gets a little something.
This was a big something!
One night we made a gingerbread man house.
Piper really enjoyed this & we ate lots of candy.
P & her finished project.
Little bit of activites.
How Piper thinks our nativity scene should be. All lined up....hhmmm
P writting her name. She is getting pretty good.
A Santa Clause puppet. :)
The finished product.
More cookies to go along with our several movie nights.
P got a present today from Beau's aunt Tammy & aunt Pam :)
pajamas & a barbie computer.
Piper has this chair beside her bed that she keeps her favorite things. I think she thinks she is protecting them.
Have a great nap sweet girl!
Piper you are a rotten little girl & we love you so much!

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