Monday, December 6, 2010

fun wknd!

Last wknd in Antlers mom & me took these 2 to see Christmas lights. They were really excited!
 Little cuties sitting at the 2 minute Christmas parade in Antlers.
 Piper, Michael, Landon, & Gavin with Santa. They were so cute with him.
Piper got shy when she went up & wouldn't tell him what she wanted. She just smiled & she really loves Santa this year.
Michael Wayne went straight to him & told him he wanted a train. Then he got his bag & was a little disapointed when there wasn't a train in it :)
 Landon, Piper, & Michael
 Piper & Michael Wayne got to help Mimi with her tree. They did a great job!

 Our church put on a play last Sunday. "A Christmas Carol Revisted." It was really great. They did a great job!
 Daddy & Piper before the play.
 After the play a lady behind us was talking about how good Piper was. She makes us proud!

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