Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Here are our Christmas' with mom's family & dad's family. I missed 2 of them b/c of being sick.
Here are the one from moms. I can tell you I was feeling aweful. My temp was high & I didn't move from the couch.
P showing us her bow.
Landon was so cute. Everytime he would open a gift he would say "this is just what I wanted!"
Sweetie pies!
Here are pics from my dad's. I felt a little better this night but not so great. This was the first time I ate in 3 days besides a piece of toast.
Brit & Piper. I took this pic b/c of the way Piper is sitting. My cousin Tessa use to sit like this when she was little & it just amazed us. We didn't know how she could do it.
Jamie, Sarah, & Landon opening gifts.
P & her soccer ball!
I am so thankful my Christmas ended up being so good. I was sad to miss out on a lot of family. Being with the rest of my family made it better.

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