Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ames' Christmas 2010

While I was gone Beau left this by the tree. It is a scrapbook of our first Christmas as a couple & of Piper's first Christmas. I did the scrapbook. Beau just left it out by the tree. So sweet!
This year we sang Happy birthday to Jesus & ate birthday cake. We did santa this year but we wanted Piper to know that everything we have comes from Jesus.

Opening Gifts
Piper was so sweet & thankful for all her gifts.
Love my new book! I still look so ruff!
P was so cute. She unwrapped this giftbox & thought this was her present. She was posing with it! HA!

We put pictures inside his new wallet :)
She loved her santa present.
Happy new owner of a easy bake oven.
I love my new canister set.
I really don't know why she did this. She stuck the beef sausage & cheese into the cake.
We had a fun night snacking & enjoying Jesus' birthday.
& His birthday cake. Piper said "maybe Jesus will eat cake with us."
traditional family photo.
Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful Christmas. You are the reason we celebrate!


  1. Becky, you have such a sweet family!! And what a wonderful mother you are!