Monday, November 1, 2010

Rocktober Feast

It was so neat being a part of Rocktober Feast. It is an awarness for Aplastic Anemia. It was for a boy at our church Michael McCutcheon. It gave me pure joy to be a part of this.
The day was beautiful!
P playin in the bounce around.
Beau & Cowboy did a fitness test. It was neat.
Drew got his face painted. Piper didn't want any part of it. She was not feeling good at all but she was a trooper.
Drew & Piper play so good together.
Mrs. Jacque G. playing with Carson & Piper.
The best picture! Love it. Monica got this on her phone. They did this on their own. They were talking about the river.
This day I also gave blood for the 1st time. I have the weakest stomach & I pass out easily. Also, I didn't use to weigh enough but now I do :(  It was a spur of the moment thing & I did it. Shannon L. was sitting right beside me & Aimee B. was on the other side giving. Beau didn't know I was doing it. He walked in & couldn't believe it. It only took 7 minutes & they said that is fast. I didn't get dizzy or anything. Now I know I can do it more. It felt so good to do it.
This morning Beau had taken Piper to the dr. She had ran fever several nights & has had a horrible cough. We kept Piper out all day & you could tell she didn't feel good. Dr. White put P on antibiotics & a good cough medicine. Her ears & throat looked good but it was just that nasty caugh causing all that. We don't like our baby being sick :( She is so much better now tho. :)


  1. I am so proud of you for donating blood!! I have never done that either and I am like you - I now weigh enought! :[

    I am glad sweet Piper is feeling better!

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  3. Thank you Cora! I was great! You will have to try it now!! :)