Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Proud moment

Tonight before dance Piper threw a big fit & I won't go into any detail. I will just say after being good all day I was ready to pull my hair out. It was pure stubborness (don't know who she gets that from :)). Her punishement was not getting to eat her sucker after dance class. Beau had to take P to dance alone & after class she waited in line when mrs. V was giving out suckers. She told her she could not have one b/c she was in trouble. Mrs. V came to Beau & said "Piper said she could not have a sucker b/c she was in trouble." We were so proud of her. Honestley we thought she would take the sucker & would wait & eat it the next day but instead she didn't take it. Mrs. V told Beau that her daughter never would have done that. Mrs. V went ahead & gave Beau the sucker. We were extremley proud!  So proud that we went ahead & let her have her sucker. Yeah, we shouldn't have done that but we are learning. We want her to know she has to stick to her punishments. Lesson learned.

P & daddy after dance. So proud!


  1. That is awesome Becky! I think that was perfect that she got rewarded for being so honest! Piper is such a good girl.

  2. Where does she dance at? She is so cute and my daughter would have taken the sucker and not said anything. lol she is learning well!

  3. Aww! How sweet! =))
    She's such a precious little girl!

  4. Thank you all! Me & her daddy sure were excited!