Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall party at G & R Lowe's

What a fun night!  Hot dogs, chili, caramel apples, popcorn, fellowship, carving pumpkins & sitting by the fire.
P & her ketchup on & in her nose. :) She was HUNGRY!!
 A yummy caramel apple. Piper didn't want anymore tho b/c it was too messy.
 Love Rhonda!!
 Emma & Piper :)
 Thanks to Grant for helping Piper carve her very first pumpkin. We pulled Piper's sleeve up so she could reach in & get the insides out. Grant pulled some out & you should have seen her face. She wasn't having any of that. She said "no thanks". So Grant did the pumpkin for her alone.
 We took a million pictures together & this is the best we could get. Yep, it was bad & I was stressed!
 Our awesome OU pumpkin!!
 Stepheny & her awesome pumpkin!
 Beau had to work that night but he got to hang out some.
 Me & Rachel!
Great night with some great people!!!!

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